Java Full Stack Developer [rekrutacja online]

Java Full Stack Developer [rekrutacja online]

Localization: Wrocław



Daily activities

Join us and enjoy the best software craftsmanship practices such as OO design principles, clean code, code review, pair programming and test-driven development. We create products that help telecom operators to manage their networks in a cutting-edge way. Together we can make the operator’s life easier!


You will have the opportunity to work in a friendly atmosphere where we focus on knowledge sharing and integration. Your daily responsibilities will include:

  • design new functionalities in cooperation with specifications specialist
  • implement new features
  • maintain existing codebase (refactoring, bug fixing)
  • test at unit, module and integration level
  • work with Scrum team’s members according to best Agile practices
  • cooperate with Nokias worldwide experts

We work with:

  • Stream processing solutions (Spark, Flume, Storm)
  • Search engine (ElasticSearch, Kibana)
  • Telemetry/metrics (Prometheus, Grafana)
  • Identity & access management (Keycloak)

Our expectations:

  • Java8 or greater (any Java version) experience >2 y
  • Javascript
  • Docker, docker-compose
  • Microservices architecture 
  • Cloud-native applications (microservices, containers, DevOps, continuous delivery) concept 
  • Spring (Core, Boot) experience
  • JPA/Spring Data/ORM tools (e.g. Hibernate) experience
  • REST WebServices, HATEOAS
  • Maven
  • GIT
  • Linux

Nice to have:

  • AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS
  • OpenStack, VMware
  • TDD
  • Scrum