Agent-based Modelling Expert

Working from home or at the Wrocław / Gdańsk office
Agent-based Modelling Expert
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As an agent-based modelling expert, you will be engaged in development and support of our client’s agent-based simulation, which is used as an important forecasting tool. The client is one of the biggest players in the aerospace engineering area. On one hand, you will collaborate with the client’s experts  to create new features and fix bugs in the agent-based simulation. On the other hand, you will also cooperate with Objectivity’s development team who develops an application around the model. It’s an exciting opportunity not only to develop skills in agent-based modelling, but also learn the software development process around the models. 


Why are we hiring? Because the customer appreciates our work and is increasing our engagement in the project. We have proven that we can deliver high-quality solutions and we would like to continue that trend. 


We seek strong team players who would like to extend their knowledge of agent-based models while working with a high-profile client. 

Your role:
  • Working with other domain experts to find the best solutions
  • Learning about specific agents in the model and understanding their functionalities
  • Debugging, research and bug fixing of the existing features
  • Participating in meetings with the client and clearly explaining your work
  • Isolating features of a complex agent-based model and understanding them
  • Architecting and implementing both modifications of the existing components and new model components that introduce new features
  • Support of the application development team with your knowledge of the internal mechanics of the model
Your are The One, if you:
  • Have experience in agent-based modelling (academic or commercial)
  • Know at least one programming language
  • Have a tinkering mindset
  • Have good communication skills
  • Know at least one agent-based modelling software framework (AnyLogic, NetLogo etc.)
  • Have deep analytical skills
  • Express willingness to learn new skills and are not afraid of new challenges
Why it is worth joining us:
  • We do understand that IT is a people business, and it is not the technology alone that solves problems; it is also about the people with the right attitude and mindset
  • You will regularly meet and collaborate with the client’s experts
  • Objectivity is recognized as a Great Place to Work
  • We give you every chance to make you feel comfortable with us, among others: English or German classes within working hours, medical care for you and your family or partner, Multisport card (and other benefits)
  • You will work in a group of experts focused on a specific product. You will have an opportunity to exchange knowledge with them
  • You will have a real impact on how the product is shaped in the future
  • We welcome out-of-the box thinking and creativity, and we embrace the culture of knowledge sharing
  • We have an organisational culture based on knowledge-sharing and friendly help - we do our best to provide support, tools and work environment that you need to excel at what you do

… Even if we do not get to start our cooperation, you are certain to receive extensive feedback including both business and technical aspects. We believe it is one of the most valuable development tools.


To find out more:
What we can offer:
  • ‘Great Place to Work’ Certificate
  • Working remotely or at the Wrocław/Gdańsk office
  • Contract for an indefinite period from day one
  • Private medical care for you, your partner and kids
  • Private investment fund
  • Life and travel insurance
  • Multisport card that can be exchanged for Cafeteria System
  • Development within working hours (8 days/year)
  • Over 70 internal technical training and soft skill workshops
  • English or German classes during working hours
  • Certifications
  • Pluralsight package
  • 33 days of sick-leave with 100% of salary paid
  • Bonus for recommending a highly-skilled professional (2000/8000 PLN)
  • Relocation bonus (6000 PLN)
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